Peter Stevens is an educational consultant in private practice based in western Massachusetts. A former teacher, dean, school-based college counselor, and headmaster, Peter brings his 35 years of experience in traditional and therapeutic schools to the consulting and planning processes, for the benefit of students and their families. He has worked with high-achieving students seeking their next educational opportunity, with others who have yet to realize their potential, and with teens in crisis and their parents. His years in education have seen him in the Far East, in Europe, in schools on both U.S. coasts, and in the midwest. Currently, Peter lives in and works from the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts, where educational options of many kinds abound. He serves clients both locally and nationally, and his international experience in American schools helps students coming to the United States from abroad as well.
Peter delivers effective, durable, and refreshing coaching and advocacy relationships with students and their families resulting in success: the happy match between aspiring students and appropriate colleges or schools. He provides support and assistance for students and families throughout a process that can be demanding and challenging, broadening horizons and expanding options for students, while relieving families of worry and stress.
While Peter cannot guarantee admission for any student to any school or college, he does assure that that each student working with him enjoys a practical, clear, comprehensive, and workable plan of approach, complete with timetables, recommended resources, realistic goals, check-points, evaluation of progress, and encouragement. He helps applicants hone their own self-understanding so that they can present themselves most effectively as applicants.
Peter recognizes the student as his client, but works within the scope of broader family needs. He maintains respect for the integrity of the school and college admission professionals and their processes, while focusing on the needs of the candidate. He subscribes to the Principles of Good Practice of the Independent Educational Counselors Association, the professional association representing experienced, full-time school and college planners in private practice.
Peter Stevens travels often to visit colleges and schools and other educational programs to gain and maintain familiarity with them. He also has access to other professionals around the country to supplement his own store of knowledge. This broad professional exposure provides great leverage for every client.


The Independent Educational Consultants Association, Associate
The National Association for College Admissions Counseling
The New England Association for College Admissions Counseling
Board of Directors, the Small Boarding Schools Association
The Country Day School Headmasters Association
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