“We don’t know what we would have done without the help of Peter Stevens in advising us and our son about the college application process… (Our son) has some learning disabilities, which caused a low SAT math score. We never thought he would be able to get into the colleges he wanted to attend. However, with Peter’s help, our son succeeded… Peter walked us through the entire application process. He answered our emails within hours and spent whatever time with us was needed on the telephone. He helped our son fill out his application and fine tune his essay. As a result, our son got into his first choice college, a college everyone told us he would never get into and one that accepts only one in five applicants. We are positive that Peter Stevens made all the difference.”

    Parents, Florida


“As a mother of a high school senior, I anticipated facing an emotionally charged, anxiety-provoking and arduous college application process with uncertain results. Because my son and I worked with Peter Stevens, I was wrong on all counts! Peter utilized his wealth of experience and insight to guide us through the entire process, from developing appropriate expectations and college lists to applications, interviews and admission decisions. He was always available for questions or support, and provided the kind of timely follow-through that I deeply appreciate and rarely find. The positive connection that Peter established with my son made the whole process so much easier. I am also convinced that Peter’s personal outreach to an admissions officer at my son’s preferred college was a critical factor in his acceptance there. I am more than pleased and recommend Peter W. Stevens Educational Consulting with unbridled enthusiasm!”

     Parent, Massachusetts


“In Mr. Stevens’ capacity as my daughter’s college advisor and general career shepherd, he positively impacted my daughter in many, many ways. Mr. Stevens brought college as an option directly into view for my daughter. Prior to these meetings, I am not firmly convinced that she really thought that four-year college was an option for her, much less a reputable university… He helped my daughter see the world as a collection of possibilities and positive options, rather than a cavernous and blurry assortment of limitations… I don’t think that without Mr. Stevens’ help my daughter would have ended up at _____, nor do I imagine that she would have felt the degree of self-satisfaction, nor the surge of self-esteem that accompanied this remarkable achievement.”

     Parent, Florida


“From our first meeting with Peter Stevens, we were confident that our son would receive professional and practical advice. Having served as a high school administrator on both coasts, Peter is knowledgeable about schools across the country and effectively helped my son establish the list of colleges where he wanted to apply. Our son was clearly in the driver’s seat, but Peter supervised him carefully so that he stayed on task according to an established timeline for entrance exams, essay drafts, interviews, etc. His feedback on the short essay questions and the full essay were especially helpful. Peter clearly sees the end goal and has a well-defined plan to achieve it.”

     Parent, Utah


“Peter Stevens worked with our son from his reluctant withdrawn sullen days to the more open, optimistic, excited young man who now has not only college acceptances, but one from his first choice college! Peter is not only extremely knowledgeable about academic possibilities and future planning — he also knows how to work with teenagers and their unique issues, and can make the seemingly impossible a reality. He was always prompt and thoroughly responsive to our questions, anxieties, and concerns. We cannot thank Peter enough for the miracle he performed with our son.”

     Parents, Massachsetts


“Dear Peter Stevens,

Thank you very much for helping me with the college admissions process. You guided me along the way to the college of my choice and helped me to get in. You also taught me lessons along the way such as the benefit of simplistic writing, and that it is nice to thank people that help you out. You have helped me to be able to go somewhere where I will be able to succeed for the next four years, and go through an intense exploration of the world. Your help has been invaluable. You have done more than what was required of you, and it has helped me out. I am very appreciative and grateful for your help.”

     Student, Massachusetts








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