Whether working with college-bound high school students, teens struggling in present environments, or parents seeking a more appropriate school placement for their students, Peter is most often contacted directly by students, their parents, their teachers or guidance counselors, and sometimes by their educational psychologists. He may be reached by phone, email, or letter. Typically, an exploratory telephone call follows, leading to a request for the completion of an application questionnaire. If Peter believes he can help the inquiring family, he then requests a personal meeting.

Meetings are held in Peter’s office in Shelburne, Massachusetts, or in the client’s home or school, or a mutually agreed-upon site. A description of appropriate services and the fees for them is included either on the phone or in this first meeting. A request for appropriate documents, test scores, school records, etc., may be made, and the client is expected to gather these together and submit them to Peter.

After both parties agree to embark upon the services described, the first substantial meeting with the client is held and normally lasts up to two hours. Once appropriate terms have been agreed upon and contracts signed, Peter creates a work plan and shares this with the client.

Subsequent work may be spread over many months or even years (in the case of the college or traditional independent school search) or compressed into weeks or a few months, often the situation with young people in crisis, or with efforts to identify summer programs.  The work plan may include: review of submitted records and scores; recommendations for further actions by the client, including additional testing or other assessment; assignments for the client to carry out; additional input from parents or guardians; conversations or other communications with teachers, guidance counselors, athletic coaches, educational psychologists, or others who know the client well; timetables; and a personal meeting and contact schedule.  

In addition to regular meetings between the client and Peter, there is communication by phone or email or fax. Clients are expected to be timely in their communication and attentive to the process they have committed to, just as Peter will be prompt and responsive.

In most cases, the process includes recommendation of several different possible solutions to an issue. Clients must remember that the ultimate choice is theirs. Peter Stevens expects that the client is put in a position to have good choices, and that he or she works to gain sufficient knowledge and awareness to make a promising, sound decision from among those choices.

Peter Stevens operates as a coach of the client and as an advocate for the client when appropriate. He works for the client, and is not engaged or hired by or paid by any institution or program he may recommend.

Struggling young people, college-bound high school students, and families facing immediate or long-term educational choices for their children will benefit directly from working with Peter Stevens. Since there is no charge for a brief initial consultation, an email or phone call can start the process of finding a successful educational solution for you, or for the student you love.








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